Ingredient breakdown: Cetaryl Alcohol

It seems like a lot of people are confused about this one. ..Understood… people are afraid of  anything that has alcohol in it because  they think that all alcohols  will dry you out. Well let me clarify  this ingredient for you  once and for all!

isopropyl alcohol

First of all, not all alcohols are drying, in fact there are seven alcohols that are used in  products as a thickening agent that  gives products a silky smooth finish. These alcohols are called dense alcohols ( you might remember this from basic chemistry class right?) and cetaryl alcohol is  one of them.

What exactly is Cetaryl Alcohol? Well, it is a mixture of  Cetyl and Setaryl alcohol and  guess what? Setaryl Alcohol is a lubricant! Derived from  either animal fat or unsaturated vegetable oil ( the one i use in my products.. boo animal fat!) cetyl alcohol is derived from  palm oil and of coconut oil…  so there you have it folks..

The main role of cetaryl alcohol is  to act as a carrier for  ingredients and to help beneficial ingredients penetrate into the skin that cant do it alone. The  bonus of  cetaryl alcohol is  that is can also be used to  mix oil and water in products in  so they don’t separate over time.

The  cosmetic  ingredient  review is an independent panel  of experts  in  dermatology, toxicology, pharmacology and  veterinary medicine in the US. They  review and assess the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics  in an open  unbiased manner and  publishes their findings. According to  this org. Cetaryl alcohol is safe to use in cosmetics. And I agree with them.
So don’t be afraid folks, I mean, you can’t  eat the stuff but  if it is listed in your bottle of lotion or conditioner then you can use it worry free.
~Audacious Cosmetics


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  1. Erin Knight says:

    Hey, that is cool info. Thanks for sharing!

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