DIY: Warm Winter Exfoliant

In my last post, I mentioned that I will share  one of my go to winter exfoliants.  I actually have several because I love  to make them; but I chose this one because its easy to make and one of my favorites.

This month, like every winter, there is much chatter online about  winter beauty regimes.  If you live in a  constant warm climate you are one of the lucky ones! the rest of us have to  deal with changing  our beauty regime between hot to cold months. this facial exfoliant contains coconut oil, which is light enough to not clog your pores, while being heavy enough to moisturize through winter.

All you need to make this is 2 aspirin pills, and a heaping tablespoon of  coconut oil.  Aspirin is an ideal at-home exfoliant because the main ingredient is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is used for both cosmetic as well as medicinal uses. In the cosmetic realm, salicylic acid is  works by coaxing the epidermis to shed skin cells properly, it is also used to treat blemishes and acne. Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids and is an amazing moisturizer for cracked winter skin. This makes Coconut oil very ideal for a warm winter  massage!


Crush your aspirin either between  a napkin  and  smashing with a rolling-pin, or in  a mortar and pestle. Once  the aspirin is a fine powder, stir in  your coconut oil and put the mixture over a double burner to warm it. (Some of the aspirin will dissolve while mixing)

Let the mixture cool until it is WARM TO THE TOUCH, remember you are going to massage this into your skin, so you do not want it to be too hot. You can test a sample on your wrist to  make sure it is a comfortable temperature.

Then, massage into your face over the sink for one minute. Rinse face with warm water, and with a damp cloth remove excess  oil.

Face with mixture massaged in

Drink a tall glass of water to hydrate your skin from the inside and that’s it!

Bold. Fearless. Beauty
~Audacious Cosmetics
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Science Stuff: Your exfoliating scrub may be totally different in a few years

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Your favorite facial scrub could be changing in a few years… possibly for the better!  This may not be news for the  cosmetic savvy label reading consumer, but for some; this may come as a total surprise. If the facial or body scrub that you swear by is  manufactured by Unilever, the formula could be changing  by 2015.




Plastic Free Paradise

Unilever, the manufacturer of Dove, Vaseline, Ponds and over 500 more brands   announced that the company will phase out the use of microplastics by 2015. Many products that advertise exfoliating properties  contain microplastics, which are tiny (less than 1mm in diameter) plastic

Photo credit: Nori’s Findings

particles usually called polyethylene. Environmental groups have been protesting the use of these beads for years; and scientists are concerned that  polyethylene is contributing to water pollution. Particles so small may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of our pollution problems, but unfortunately  it is becoming a large problem for Marine Scientists. These particles accumulate in our waters  and  ultimately ends up in our food! how? For example,  Shrimp are  scavengers, basically natures garbage disposals, these little creatures eat indiscriminately and  could ingest tiny particles like  polyethylene. these particles could kill the animal or stay in the animals body ( and translate to our plates! ew!)

Science is ever evolving

Microplastics are not irreplaceable in cosmetics.  Fortunately, there are products with  exfoliants that work just as well as  microplastics.   look for products that contain fruit enzymes, salicylic acid and bamboo extract to name a few. Products with apricot  and almond seed are making a comeback, but these tend to be harsh on most skin types.  You can positively affect the environment by simply reading the label and steering clear of  products that contain  polyethylene. If you have the time, you can even make your own Winter Face and Body Scrub with me in my DIY post next week!

Take care!

Bold. Fearless. Beauty
~Audacious Cosmetics
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Audacious Cosmetics and I

First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog! It is greatly appreciated.

This blog is sponsored By Audacious Cosmetics, a cosmetic line I created to encompass the beauty of the Afropunk subculture and Women in general. I want to use this blog as a platform to do a few things. To promote self esteem and education,  to share my  studies in cosmetic science; and debunk ingredient  ” fads”,  to explain  what ingredients mean in your cosmetics, and to  just talk about my small business venture in general.

Let me introduce myself, My name is  Aletha , I  consider myself to be the average quirky, nerdy black woman. I’m also a taurus, which doesn’t mean much, but its fun to think about. When I’m alone; I am either formulating,  reading articles, or just messing around in general. One day i’ll get a dog, maybe a boxer.. i want to be a runnerI love to jog early mornings  I’m trying to get back in to my workout routine but (insert excuse here).  I’m a vegetarian and I loveee cooking. My ultimate dream (In draft form) is to own a small boutique with an amazing lab in the back, so I can hide out and formulate all day. In the summers, I will teach fun cosmetic science  projects to girls in high school, and  somehow squeeze in  the possibility of traveling to  poor countries to teach women to have their own business making whatever their natural resource is into something profitable. ( like shea butter production) Ill be a grassroots Mcgyver! ahhh, a girl can dream, right?

That’s pretty much it about me… lets talk   about something else..

About Audacious Cosmetics:
I read someone describe Afropunk beauty as, “Beauty without compromising integrity” I love that mantra for our company. I think that beauty is so subjective that no one should ever feel ugly, that’s why I feel that makeup should not be used to cover yourself up; but to highlight the  things you love about yourself! I understand that  this concept of  looking in the mirror, finding what you like about your face, and highlighting it will take a culture change; but anyone that knows me knows that I am always up for the challenge.   Here in the Audacious lab, I make sure that every raw material has a purpose in  my final product.. No fillers, just the truth.

Ill go ahead and end here…until next time,

Be bold, be fearless…be beautiful


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Ingredient breakdown: Cetaryl Alcohol

It seems like a lot of people are confused about this one. ..Understood… people are afraid of  anything that has alcohol in it because  they think that all alcohols  will dry you out. Well let me clarify  this ingredient for you  once and for all!

isopropyl alcohol

First of all, not all alcohols are drying, in fact there are seven alcohols that are used in  products as a thickening agent that  gives products a silky smooth finish. These alcohols are called dense alcohols ( you might remember this from basic chemistry class right?) and cetaryl alcohol is  one of them.

What exactly is Cetaryl Alcohol? Well, it is a mixture of  Cetyl and Setaryl alcohol and  guess what? Setaryl Alcohol is a lubricant! Derived from  either animal fat or unsaturated vegetable oil ( the one i use in my products.. boo animal fat!) cetyl alcohol is derived from  palm oil and of coconut oil…  so there you have it folks..

The main role of cetaryl alcohol is  to act as a carrier for  ingredients and to help beneficial ingredients penetrate into the skin that cant do it alone. The  bonus of  cetaryl alcohol is  that is can also be used to  mix oil and water in products in  so they don’t separate over time.

The  cosmetic  ingredient  review is an independent panel  of experts  in  dermatology, toxicology, pharmacology and  veterinary medicine in the US. They  review and assess the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics  in an open  unbiased manner and  publishes their findings. According to  this org. Cetaryl alcohol is safe to use in cosmetics. And I agree with them.
So don’t be afraid folks, I mean, you can’t  eat the stuff but  if it is listed in your bottle of lotion or conditioner then you can use it worry free.
~Audacious Cosmetics

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A peek into my bold, fearless, beautiful life..

Daydreaming out of season- Click the pic for Natassias site!



This is going to sound odd, but during the rare times at work when  things are pretty slow and I’m caught up on projects, I tend to daydream about my  business and my future plans for it. Which always gets me pumped!  I’ll start researching different  ideas and materials  to use in  my cosmetics, I start looking at forums and answering questions  about  hair and skin. Its not only  helping the  person who asked, but its therapeutic for me. It keeps my mind lubricated and ideas flowing. It keeps me in touch with  people with other textures of hair and the problems they have and it keeps me researching. The pursuit to be a hair guru never stops! Not for a second!


My Babies and I

My Babies and I











When I decided to take a leap and seriously consider  starting my cosmetic line, formulating wasn’t a problem, that’s what I do at my day job and what I do even when I am at home. It  was  just the idea of putting products out there for the world to see, use and critique. Don’t get me wrong, I and not afraid of criticism, it gives me the opportunity to improve my products… but  to just prepare my mind for hundreds of people to do it! WOW. It was  difficult for me to wrap my head around.. but, me being the determined Taurus I am, I  shoved the insecurities in the back of my head  and prepared  for the plunge. And here I am  a whole year later ready to open an etsy  account  and  get this thang started!!!
I am glad you are here to witness the ride of my life!

Bold. Fearless. Beauty
~Audacious Cosmetics

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