Audacious Cosmetics and I

First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog! It is greatly appreciated.

This blog is sponsored By Audacious Cosmetics, a cosmetic line I created to encompass the beauty of the Afropunk subculture and Women in general. I want to use this blog as a platform to do a few things. To promote self esteem and education,  to share my  studies in cosmetic science; and debunk ingredient  ” fads”,  to explain  what ingredients mean in your cosmetics, and to  just talk about my small business venture in general.

Let me introduce myself, My name is  Aletha , I  consider myself to be the average quirky, nerdy black woman. I’m also a taurus, which doesn’t mean much, but its fun to think about. When I’m alone; I am either formulating,  reading articles, or just messing around in general. One day i’ll get a dog, maybe a boxer.. i want to be a runnerI love to jog early mornings  I’m trying to get back in to my workout routine but (insert excuse here).  I’m a vegetarian and I loveee cooking. My ultimate dream (In draft form) is to own a small boutique with an amazing lab in the back, so I can hide out and formulate all day. In the summers, I will teach fun cosmetic science  projects to girls in high school, and  somehow squeeze in  the possibility of traveling to  poor countries to teach women to have their own business making whatever their natural resource is into something profitable. ( like shea butter production) Ill be a grassroots Mcgyver! ahhh, a girl can dream, right?

That’s pretty much it about me… lets talk   about something else..

About Audacious Cosmetics:
I read someone describe Afropunk beauty as, “Beauty without compromising integrity” I love that mantra for our company. I think that beauty is so subjective that no one should ever feel ugly, that’s why I feel that makeup should not be used to cover yourself up; but to highlight the  things you love about yourself! I understand that  this concept of  looking in the mirror, finding what you like about your face, and highlighting it will take a culture change; but anyone that knows me knows that I am always up for the challenge.   Here in the Audacious lab, I make sure that every raw material has a purpose in  my final product.. No fillers, just the truth.

Ill go ahead and end here…until next time,

Be bold, be fearless…be beautiful



About Aletha @ Audacious Cosmetics

Chemical Engineer by day, Cosmetic Chemist by night I love my life!
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