Science Stuff: Your exfoliating scrub may be totally different in a few years

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Your favorite facial scrub could be changing in a few years… possibly for the better!  This may not be news for the  cosmetic savvy label reading consumer, but for some; this may come as a total surprise. If the facial or body scrub that you swear by is  manufactured by Unilever, the formula could be changing  by 2015.




Plastic Free Paradise

Unilever, the manufacturer of Dove, Vaseline, Ponds and over 500 more brands   announced that the company will phase out the use of microplastics by 2015. Many products that advertise exfoliating properties  contain microplastics, which are tiny (less than 1mm in diameter) plastic

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particles usually called polyethylene. Environmental groups have been protesting the use of these beads for years; and scientists are concerned that  polyethylene is contributing to water pollution. Particles so small may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of our pollution problems, but unfortunately  it is becoming a large problem for Marine Scientists. These particles accumulate in our waters  and  ultimately ends up in our food! how? For example,  Shrimp are  scavengers, basically natures garbage disposals, these little creatures eat indiscriminately and  could ingest tiny particles like  polyethylene. these particles could kill the animal or stay in the animals body ( and translate to our plates! ew!)

Science is ever evolving

Microplastics are not irreplaceable in cosmetics.  Fortunately, there are products with  exfoliants that work just as well as  microplastics.   look for products that contain fruit enzymes, salicylic acid and bamboo extract to name a few. Products with apricot  and almond seed are making a comeback, but these tend to be harsh on most skin types.  You can positively affect the environment by simply reading the label and steering clear of  products that contain  polyethylene. If you have the time, you can even make your own Winter Face and Body Scrub with me in my DIY post next week!

Take care!

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