A peek into my bold, fearless, beautiful life..

Daydreaming out of season- Click the pic for Natassias site!



This is going to sound odd, but during the rare times at work when  things are pretty slow and I’m caught up on projects, I tend to daydream about my  business and my future plans for it. Which always gets me pumped!  I’ll start researching different  ideas and materials  to use in  my cosmetics, I start looking at forums and answering questions  about  hair and skin. Its not only  helping the  person who asked, but its therapeutic for me. It keeps my mind lubricated and ideas flowing. It keeps me in touch with  people with other textures of hair and the problems they have and it keeps me researching. The pursuit to be a hair guru never stops! Not for a second!


My Babies and I

My Babies and I











When I decided to take a leap and seriously consider  starting my cosmetic line, formulating wasn’t a problem, that’s what I do at my day job and what I do even when I am at home. It  was  just the idea of putting products out there for the world to see, use and critique. Don’t get me wrong, I and not afraid of criticism, it gives me the opportunity to improve my products… but  to just prepare my mind for hundreds of people to do it! WOW. It was  difficult for me to wrap my head around.. but, me being the determined Taurus I am, I  shoved the insecurities in the back of my head  and prepared  for the plunge. And here I am  a whole year later ready to open an etsy  account  and  get this thang started!!!
I am glad you are here to witness the ride of my life!

Bold. Fearless. Beauty
~Audacious Cosmetics


About Aletha @ Audacious Cosmetics

Chemical Engineer by day, Cosmetic Chemist by night I love my life!
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